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If you love Italian food just like we do at La Pino'z Pizzeria, we could be great food buddies. At our Pizzeria on the North Stiles Street, Linden, we spread love and prepare some of the finest Italian pizzas and snacks. You can choose from an exciting range of toppings and cheese for your pizzas, gorge on the appetizing pastas, gyros and other snacks or relish the flavours of crispy and juicy fried chicken.

Whether it is a celebratory occasion or a casual meal outing, the serene ambience of the restaurant fits perfectly for any mood. We focus on serving you the best and authentic flavours and so each our dishes are prepared with fresh and best ingredients.

Whenever you are hungry or looking to satisfy your craving for something flavorous, just visit us at our pizzeria in New Jersey and we'll fix you a yummilicious meal